Church Leaders

Staff Members


The Reverend William Patterson Lyles

Music Director, Organist

Chris Engel

Administrative Assistant

Cindy Lilly

Clerk of Session

Lisa Smith

Moderator of Presbyterian Women

Anne T. Carroll


Mark Felton


Logan Lilly

Session Members

Class of 2017

Robert Bane, Richard Hartman, Gretchen Lewis

Class of 2018

Mark Felton, Roberta Fowlkes, Jenny Reese

Class of 2019

Jeff Brown, Kathie Giltinan

Property & Endowments

Property Trustees

Stuart A. McMillan, George A. Patterson, III, I. Noyes Smith, Jr.

Endowment Fund Advisors to The Trustee

John B. Merrill, Jr., Andrew B. Cooke, James F. “Jeff” Brown

J.T. Moore, Jr., Emeritus


Our Hours

Sunday School - 9:30 am

Worship - 11 am

Fellowship - 12 noon

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 10 am - 2 pm

Closed Saturday