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Church Organist – Part Time
Position Description

The Organist is a part-time position responsible to the pastor. The position carries out the specific duties listed below as well as other duties assigned by the Pastor.  The Organist is a part-time member of the staff of Kanawha United Presbyterian Church and is a contributing part of the Christian community of lay and ordained church workers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Church Organist – Part Time
I . Provide organ music at all traditional Sunday worship services, mid-week worship occasions, and all special celebrations of worship where the organ is the primary instrument used.

  1. Accompany vocalists and instrumentalists.
  2. Select hymns appropriate in conjunction with the pastor and music director which are reflective of the liturgical season and designated Scripture texts.
  3. Perform special music needs for weddings, funerals, and other services of worship.  This will include meeting with and advising bride/groom in wedding planning, consulting the family of the deceased in funeral preparations, and to play for funerals and weddings receiving the following fees:  Funerals $100.00  Weddings $125.00 per wedding    $50.00 per rehearsal    $25.00 per rehearsal with soloist.
  4. Provide for qualified substitutes for all absences.
  5. Choose and purchase organ music within the approved budgetary parameters.
  6. Oversee the tuning and maintenance of all musical instruments of the church within the approved budget and provide regular reports specifying maintenance needs to the Worship Committee.
  7. Submit budget requests each fall as part of the budgetary process of the Session.
  8. Schedule and coordinate performances of outside musicians
  9. Perform other duties from time to time as may be directed by the Pastor or Session.

Working Conditions

  1. The Organist shall rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music at our organ (Reiger-Kloss)
  2. Performance and pay will be reviewed after the first six months of employment, and on an annual basis thereafter (12 months from hire date; 24 months; etc.).
  3. Cooperate with all staff and musicians of the congregation so that music ministry is enhanced within the life of the church.
  4. The Organist shall seek professional relationships with other church musicians and keep abreast of developments in worship and liturgy through associations, continuing education, and professional church publications.
  5. The Organist shall have permission to conduct private organ/piano lessons and make the organ/piano available to qualified students.
  6. Be provided two weeks of paid vacation time per year at a time agreed to by the pastor but not during Christmas or Easter seasonal services.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • A minimum of a bachelor of Music degree and sufficient keyboard ability to sight read hymns, liturgy, and easy anthem accompaniments on both organ and piano.
    • Capable of expertly playing a Reiger-Klauss Organ and piano.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of Presbyterian worship tradition and a theological understanding of the church sufficient to appropriately select music and texts for traditional worship.
    • Has excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
    • Has knowledge of and supports the church’s mission statement, beliefs, and commitment.
    • A pre-employment background check is required.

Forms to be completed upon employment: Agreement to having read Personnel Policy Manual; Medical Release/contact, Ethics Statement, and when available to be trained with Safe Sanctuaries.

Hours/Wage Rate Hours per week: 10 – 15 (with flexibility in setting regular hours) Starting pay is between $13,000 and $16,000 per year based on education and experience. Should an applicant possess the qualifications for Church Music Director and Organist the two positions can be joined creating a 20 – 25 hours responsibility and an upper level of pay $27,000 per year.

Benefits: FICA will be paid.  There are no other benefits.

To apply for this position, please email your resume to –

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KUPC is an equal opportunity employer



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